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AI Products

SaaS products built without data and AI offer generalized solutions to their customers. We are in the business of creating AI based business applications and one common theme I have seen across the board is for people to have this notion that AI will solve all their problems instantly. The reality is AI businesses more […]

Using Data & Analytic Tools to Better Understand Your Users – Measuring the Right Metrics

Products function in an extremely competitive landscape vying for every impression it can get among the millions of potential customers available online. Getting your startup visible or discoverable is one thing, getting them to convert on your website and retain them is an even tougher task with the plethora of services and products that the […]

Understanding Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis is conceptually pretty simple yet it’s one of the most important and powerful analysis approach a startup can adopt. I had in my earlier post discussed the importance of Lean Methodology for startups to minimize wastage of resources and getting to product/ market fit first before scaling up. Cohorts play a crucial role in helping […]