One of the best yet often underestimated source of online traffic: Understanding Traffic from Stumbleupon


As an online marketer we should really consider ourselves blessed with the amount of effective and virtually no spend marketing channels we have to sell almost anything. Just consider the few listed in the figure below.


But it’s also important to understand that it’s so very easy to lose focus and half heartedly use a number of these channels for virtually no results.

Let’s check the major sources of traffic under each of Social Network, Social Bookmarking and Media Referrers.




Source :

The three graphs do show the importance of using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Stumble upon as the major channels for getting online traffic. The referral traffic from Stumble Upon has gone down in the past year or two and Pinterest has gained prominence. People might also argue that the traffic from Stumble Upon hardly converts. But even then the traffic that Stumble Upon can generate is significant enough. So create quality content and you can trust on the Stumblers to recommend you and bring you tons of traffic.

I love this website.  It’s a pretty simple site but the content is exactly the type Social Media loves. I’m sure the site gets insane amounts of Social media traffic. So if your website has content that can get pretty viral : Images, funny things, cool gadgets, celebrity news, nature and wildlife related, food and beverages related or basically anything that’s a good read and time pass, then Stumble Upon is a must for you.

Now let’s look at what Stumble Upon is and some of the key things you could do to boost up your traffic from Stumbleupon.

Stumble Upon is a social bookmarking site. Stumblers can bookmark great pages and websites they find on the web and categorize them accordingly. One can also install the Stumble Upon browser plugin on the web browser that makes it easy to bookmark their finds or to vote up the pages that they find using Stumble Upon. But first, you would need to sign up. Ensure that you customize your interests to suit your tastes. The more you stumble and like content, the better the stumble upon engine would become in understanding your preferences and likes.

1) Connect with like-minded people : The real power of any social network comes through the relationships you build. Stumble Upon is quite similar. You can search for like-minded people and follow them. Finding followers interested in the same topics as you is simple. You can start by going to and replace the keyword with topics you are interested in. It will then show you users who are interested in the same things.


They do get notified and the chances are that they will give you a follow back provided they consider your profile interesting.

Constantly monitor the Stumble Upon review page of the content you have submitted/ thumbed up/ reviewed. Find people who have wrote reviews for it or liked it. If they seem interesting follow them as they share similar interests. Also, as you recommend more and more, Stumble Upon will improve upon it’s suggestion of friend to follow. Be active, follow others, like and review their contents and slowly you will build your network.

2) Don’t submit only your Website pages : Of course you need to bookmark your pages on to Stumble Upon. However only bookmarking your pages won’t give you any major traffic boost. You need to mix it up by being an active user bookmarking, reviewing and voting up plenty of content in your areas of interests and build your profile. The more active you are, the better the chances that people will follow you and would vote up your contents, so that it goes viral. Remember, you are part of a community and people who add value to the community are the ones who are valued the most.

3) Use Clear Titles and descriptions: When you add pages on to Stumble Upon, ensure you give apt and interesting titles and descriptions so that people click through and read. It’s also important to not bookmark your front pages, rather bookmark specific articles which has a better chance of people liking and sharing.

4) Use Stumble Upon Paid discovery if required: Stumble Upon paid discovery is a great way to improve upon your traffic instantly If you don’t want to wait for the traffic to build. There are various plans Stumble upon provides you to choose from.


You could use a budget as small as $30 and generate about 300 quality visits to your site.

5) Always be using to share contents on to other networks : Stumble upon has its own URL shortening system . The advantage of using the shortener generate shortened links to be shared across various channels is that when a visitor clicks on the link and visits the page they would have the stumble upon toolbar conveniently above the page making it easy for a logged in user to vote up the article giving your more Stumble love.


If the user loves your content, could also give you some more social media love by sharing the page on other social channels! J

However, the most important thing is to understand that building a following on any Social Channel is not an instant thing. It takes time and a lot of hardwork along with a bit of creativity. But it’s one of the best and the cheapest source of traffic you could generate once you build a following. So invest your time in building a base on channels you think would bring maximum traffic to your sites and have fun doing the same. Stumble upon is a great tool for discovering some amazing content. Discover, learn, build your base and with it gain awesome traffic stats to your website! J

Steve Balmer’s Exit Speech – Pure Passion & Love For The Company!

I have always considered Steve Ballmer as a crazy CEO and have always thought him to be the reason Microsoft missed out on the innumberable opportunities it had to be the leader in the technology business. That doesn’t change a bit.

But have to give it to him for the passion he has. For the love he has for the company. His emotional exit speech was touching. Respect to him for the love and passion he has for the company. I wish every CEO had so much passion and love for the company they ran and not just for the title they held!

Our Journey @Zoomdeck : It gets even more exciting!

Zoomdeck is a beautifully designed, engaging new experience for photos.

When you look at photos, you realize that almost every photo has different interesting stories and elements in them. Yet, how many of them are you able to discover or share? Haven’t you always had questions when you came across a photo – What model of a Ferrari is this? Who is that person? What top is she wearing? How much does it cost, where can I buy one?

Zoomdeck lets you “spot” things inside photos – add notes, audio, video, places, people, links or anything that’s relevant (or simply fun!). Spots are rich, interactive, smart and unobtrusive – so others can easily discover and engage with the photo in ways one could never imagine before. What’s more, the conversations on Zoomdeck are based on each “spot” – so they are always contextual. More context equals better engagement.

The Journey

The journey for us started in 2012. Deepak, my co-founder, has always had a big passion for photography and I have often found him to be crazy at times with his attention for details! But that’s exactly what led to Zoomdeck. Zoomdeck was born out of his need to have a better experience to talk about the details in photos that he was posting on his blog. It was after a few months that I joined him and it has been an eventful journey for us all this while.   

We built our first prototype and did an alpha. Got in and graduated from the first batch of the GSF Accelerator Program. It was a great experience being part of the GSF first batch interacting with a few of the brightest minds in the country, getting feedback and suggestions on what to try and what not to. During this time we also interacted with hundreds of users including a few publishers. It has been fun interacting with users trying to understand their experience while using the product, understanding each action of their’s using the product and iterating on a few minor and at times a few major changes to the design elements.


This is how we started :



                                               Zoomdeck in early 2013      

Being a platform with both consumers and publishers having a major say, we have been fanatical in our focus on building an awesome user experience. We worked with some of the best designers to dig deep and build a product that we think users really want and enjoy. Saneef Ansari – who worked with us for designing our experience is from NID and has worked with some of the best design firms in the world. He is one of the best interaction design expert you could find, is a little expensive though!:-) At times, we have had heated debates, arguments, disagreements on various features, functionalities, interactions and design elements, a few sleepless nights on redbull, caffeine over-dose and whole lot of shawarmas!

We have used almost all parts of our office space trying to figure out features, elements and the design interactions on the platform.


Figure 1: Trying to figure out all the elements that makes Zoomdeck


Figure 2: Digging deep to figure out Interactions and elements that make a Photo beautiful


Figure 3: Figuring out each each Tab/ Action on the Site


Figure 4: Cracking our brains trying to figure out the UI


Figure 5: Designing the UI Element: Spot Description

Meanwhile, during this time we had also got on-board Sumit Gupta, the face behind our iOS app. Designing the web was challenging, however getting the experience right on a phone app was even more challenging with the limitation of the screensize. But it was a challenge we found to be fun and exciting and I must say, Sumit is one of the most passionate guys I have seen.

All this while our community was slowly but steadily growing as well, actively spotting stories and elements giving us valuable feedback. We have grown to more than 10,000 photos and 30,000 spots during this time with an active and vibrant community across US, Europe, Australia and India.                                                  

And, here we are today after a few months of hard-work & toil, valuable feedback & amazing spots from our beloved community and a whole lot of exciting moments along the way, on the verge of another awesome moment: We make Zoomdeck go public and we are so excited to see all of you awesome people pour in and enjoy the endless stream of interactive photos discovering and sharing the stories and elements that make them.



We have built Zoomdeck with a lot of heart and we do hope you take Zoomdeck to your heart as well! J

~Re-posted from my blog on Zoomdeck