The Only Growth Hacking Resource List You’ll Ever Need

If you are worried about user acquisition, growth rate, engagement, retention and more, here is something that will cheer you up! List of all the resources you can fall back upon to drive up your growth numbers.

Growth Hacking Tools List:

User Acquisition & Retention:

Blogs & Communities for Inspiration:

 (PS: Thank you for the list)
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Amarnath Vannarath

Amarnath Vannarath is an Entrepreneur, Hustler, Growth Hacker. He currently works as a Product Owner at EdgeVerve Systems, an Infosys subsidiary. He loves to travel, is a street food connoisseur and a passionate Soccer player. Blogs mainly on marketing, growth hack techniques and startups. You can reach him at [email protected]
Amarnath Vannarath
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  1. Rachel Allen
    Rachel Allen says:

    Hi Amarnath,

    Great article, I’ve really learned a lot from it and I’ll definitely keep these growth hack tips in mind!

    What are your thoughts on tools like I’ve been using it to get more followers on my Twitter profile automatically, good stuff. You guys should check it out!


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